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Page: Mobile Pro
Touch optimized webbased apps for Smartphones & Tablets PlanMill Mobile Pro PlanMill Mobile allows you to create, edit and update basic CRM, request and time related information. It is designed for use on your mobile browsers as an addon for PlanMill ...
Other labels: crmaddon, projectaddon, psaaddon, mobile, internet, wlan, apple, iphone
Page: PlanMill Finance Connectors
PlanMill Finance Connectors PlanMill Finance Connectors are addons for companies to improve endtoend business processes.The connectors let you transfer data to various financial systems. Import customer information, sales invoices and sales accounts from PlanMill ERP ...
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Page: PlanMill Mobile
PlanMill Mobile touch optimized webbased apps for Smartphones & Tablets PlanMill Mobile PlanMill Mobile, designed for mobile browsers, is an addon for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA and ERP. Mobilize your workforce with PlanMill Mobile on the latest iPhone ...
Other labels: crmaddon, projectaddon, psaaddon, mobile, internet, wlan, apple, iphone
Page: PlanMill REST API
PlanMill REST API http://wiki.planmill.com/x/48G (application programming interface) is a commercial addon related to PlanMill CRM Sales & Marketing, PlanMill PROJECT and PlanMill ERP. REST API enables information exchange between various business applications and PlanMill ...
Other labels: add-on, api, cloud, application, developers, crmaddon, projectaddon, psaaddon
Page: Products and product groups
PlanMill Products Products and product groups is a commercial addon that allows centralized management and sharing of product and product group \related information. Items stored in the PlanMill Products module can be used when creating Contracts items Contracts and Sales ...
Other labels: products, contracts, store, add-on, crmcommercialaddon, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon
Page: Sales Orders
PlanMill Sales Order Sales Orders provide a streamlined way to manage quoteto ordertobill process. Sales orders are created ​​in the system when changing the status of a sales deal to "Ordered" or "Confirmed" (order confirmation, sent to the customer). PlanMill Sales Orders ...
Other labels: add-on, sales, crmcommercialaddon, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon
Page: Time Card
PlanMill Time Card HELPEN:Time Card is used for “punching” the start, finish and rest times of each work day. This is a separate addon feature (commercial) that can be viewed on time sheet HELPEN:Time Sheet and does not affect the time ...
Other labels: add-on, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon, timecard
Page: Timer
PlanMill Timer lets you record the time spent on a task or assignment as you are working on it. The Timer logs start and finish times. Timer is handy when you don't know the task yet. Or when you want to start timing but you ...
Other labels: add-on, timer, demo, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon