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Label: add-on

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Page: Absences
PlanMill Absence Absences is a commercial addon that helps organizations keep track of staff vacations. That includes automating absence request and acceptance. It enables # employees and management to plan for work absences # to automatically generate work schedules and time reports # to manage annual ...
Other labels: absence, projects, accounts, contacts, timereporting, hrmactions, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon
Page: Appraisals
Suomeksi PlanMill Appraisals kehityskeskustelujen hallinta http://wiki.planmill.com/x/qY4c PlanMill Appraisals Appraisals (Career Discussion) enables companies to conduct a performance appraisal with the employee. It helps management to get a review and development discussion as part of the HRM process. This is integrated with other ...
Other labels: appraisals, hrm, psacommercialaddon, projectcommercialaddon, erpcommercialaddon, crmcommercialaddon
Page: Calendar
PlanMill Calendar  is a visual tool that shows PlanMill time entries as calendar events. It shows HELPEN:Actions, Requests HELPEN:Request, HELPEN:Opportunities, Tasks HELPEN:Resourcing task, Milestones HELPEN:What is a milestone? and Absences Absences. Use ...
Other labels: calendar, annualholiday, actions, requests, opportunities, tasks, milestones, absences
Page: Contracts
PlanMill Contracts Contracts(Agreements) supports the company's contract management. Follow the whole workflow from a draft to the final agreement. Use the module to store different types of contracts and the attachments in one place. This is a free addon for PlanMill ERP. For others It is available ...
Other labels: contracts, agreements, sales, purchase, products, erpddon, crmcommercialaddon, psacommercialaddon
Page: Data Services
General Get access to information about your customers and prospects with PlanMill Data Services (DS). HELPEN:Data Services The addon gives you relevant information about Finnish and Finland based international companies. It is currently powered by Suomen Asiakastieto ...
Other labels: suomen, asiakastieto, at, planmill, data, services, ds, crmcommercialaddon
Page: Email Capture
Email Capture convert emails to Actions & Requests PlanMill Email Capture (Incoming) Email Capture, a commercial addon for PlanMill CRM Sales & Marketing, PROJECT, PSA & ERP. It enables organizations to capture emails automatically from any source, whether ...
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Page: Mobile Pro
Touch optimized webbased apps for Smartphones & Tablets PlanMill Mobile Pro PlanMill Mobile allows you to create, edit and update basic CRM, request and time related information. It is designed for use on your mobile browsers as an addon for PlanMill ...
Other labels: crmaddon, projectaddon, psaaddon, erpaddon, mobile, internet, wlan, apple
Page: MS Project Import and Export
Companies can export data to MS Project for example in Project Space / Tasks tab Projects. If the MS Project tool links do not appear, please check the role How to administrate permissions. You can do data importing ...
Other labels: project, microsoft, ms, psamodule, erpmodule, projectmodule
Page: Multi-company and multi-currency
PlanMill Multicompany and multicurrency is an addon feature. Multicompany means there are several "My company" type of Accounts in the same PlanMill.  All my companies are able to e.g. invoice through the same PlanMill.  Multicurrency  means ...
Other labels: projects, invoicing, accounts, sales, crm, erp, crmaddon, projectaddon
Page: PlanMill Finance Connectors
PlanMill Finance Connectors PlanMill Finance Connectors are addons for companies to improve endtoend business processes.The connectors let you transfer data to various financial systems. Import customer information, sales invoices and sales accounts from PlanMill ERP ...
Other labels: connectors, visma, heeros, administrator, efina, venda, nova, maventa