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A revenue is a billable item that is attached to a certain [project] and date. A revenue may contain a fixed revenue amount or a billing rule. The rule determines the billable amount based on time reports, expenses and price lists. 

Finance and Power users (and other users with enough access rights in their user role) can use the Finance control list view to handle invoicing across projects and combine revenue items in different projects to same invoice. In Finance Control, it is also possible (but not advisable) to edit draft invoices. Confirming of draft invoices is only possible in Finance Control as well as creating Credit notes.

Revenue list view in Project space

  1. When a user opens the revenues tab the list view of revenues is shown. User can filter the revenues by using the filters in the filter section.
  2. Click "(edit)"-link for a row for editing the specified revenue. Revenue is opened.
  3. Clicking on the "Name" opens the specific revenue’s summary. It shows more detailed information about the revenue.
  4. By clicking on the actual sum for a revenue with a time based billing rule a report is opened. Report lists all the time reports and expenses collected to the revenue and their corresponding price.

Detailed report view

  1. Click the check boxes and click on "Delete selected" in the tools section. Revenues that have the status "Draft invoice" or "Invoiced" cannot be deleted.
  2. A new revenue is created by clicking on the "New revenue" link in the tools section.
  3. Change the status of the revenue by clicking on the links "Set open", "Set billable" and "Set rejected" in the tools section.
  4. Export the revenues listed in the view to MS Excel by clicking on the "Export to MS Excel" link in the tools section.

Summary view

  1. Open a revenue’s summary view by clicking on the a revenue’s "Name" in the list view or when saving a revenue in the form view.
  2. View the summary view as a PDF by clicking on the "view PDF" link in the tools section.


  • Revenue information: Lists the common fields for the revenue.
  • Billing information: Shows the billing information for the revenue. Revenue is based on the contact and account attached to the project or for the request if the revenue is attached to a request.
  • Invoice description: A free text field that is used in the creation of an invoice.
  • Internal description: A free text field for describing the revenue in detail.
  • Change history: Lists history for the revenue based on planned date, status and type.

Form view

When using Sales Orders to automatically create revenue items, the revenue item should never be edited manually.
All information comes and is updated automatically from Sales Order form, also revenue phasing.

Only time revenue item should be edited by Finance/Power user manually if the revenue phasing has to be changed after invoicing.

The form view for revenues contains two sub tabs: Revenue information and Email notification.

  1. Save the account by clicking on the "Save" link.
  2. Make a copy of a existing revenue by clicking on the "Copy" link.

Default fields

  • Name: The name of the revenue.
  • Type: Defines the type of the revenue, e.g. Services, Hosting.
  • Unit price: If the revenue has a time based billing rule selected, the unit price can be used to determine the price for time reports.
  • Planned revenue: The planned revenue determines the income from a revenue with a "fixed" billing rule selected. A planned revenue is automatically calculated if a time based billing rule is selected.
  • Planned invoice date: The date when the revenue is planned to be invoiced.
  • Repeated position period: When creating a new revenue duplicates can be automatically created within a selected period.
  • Repeat until this date: If you select a repeated position period, this field determines for how long duplicates will be created.
  • Automatically generate date in name: If the value of this field is "Yes" the month and year in format e.g. 12/2008 will be added to the name.
  • Billing rule: Each revenue must have a billing rule selected. That determines if the revenue’s income is fixed or based on collected time reports and expenses.
  • Invoice description: A free text field that is used in a creation of an invoice based on the revenue.
  • Internal description: A free text field that can be used to internally describe the revenue in detail.


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