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A service request is a work order or"support ticket". That can be also an additional information request, change request or other contact connected to a specific project task. The request associates with a contact in a particular client / partner company. A request relates to contacts, projects requests and partners. Performer can report Time for the requests.

You can search of all list views in Accounts, Projects, Requests, and others. The search text box is on the top left position of the list view. See Easy access with Search in PlanMill

Request a service

  • Task based work order, "support ticket" or an additional information / change request.
  • enables hourly record of work created by the project task. Report or comments can be associated with requests and  attached to a project team. 

A request is a wish or requirement linked to certain project as a task and to one or more performers. An assignment is created for each performer.

Request messages shows an envelope that stops its activity when the performer reads the message. If the service request has no performer, it continues to flicker until you have signed a performer to the request.

Create service requests

  • Create service requests automatically Email Capture Overview. That is an additional feature with customers and internal staff sending emails.
  • Create a new request by clicking on "New Request" link on the toolbar.

Set request performer passive. This means that if a performer has completed part of a request, a passive performer state can be assumed. Other performers are still active performers. You can inactivate via Time sheet or by editing Performers category of Request form.

Filter request list view for example by viewing "All requests with only active performers".

Passive assignments will not appear in the Time Sheet or Work Schedules.

View requests tab on its own, or all service requests

  • Filter a list of any visible service request.
  • Each service call is indicated by links to a service request summary page.
  • Clicking the (edit) link service request form will open for editing.
  • By clicking the "Subject" column in the list view opens a service request. That is a summary about detailed information of request.
  • Delete one or more requests by checking their check boxes and clicking the "Delete Selected" in Tools section.
  • Complete one or more of the request by selecting them from a list and select "Set as completed" in Tools section.
Work hours reporting with request
When want to report on working hours, select Report Hours tool in the summary view. That will open time card. You can use a timer by clicking the "Start timer". Links to the time card are only displayed if the user is a performer in request.

See solution of service request on the summary page and on request list screen. If the Email Capture feature is enabled, you can see messages in the same places.

E-mail Features
PlanMill Email Capture add-on transfers emails from the desired mailboxes to PlanMill as service requests or automatically assign them under the existing service requests. You can discuss with customers or personnel through request. You can also notify performers about the new email from the request by email. Ask more about the add-on from PlanMill Customer Care (support@planmill.com).


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