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A Project consists of a project team, tasks and assignments. Many items like revenues,expenses and time reports belong to a project. A project can be billable or non-billable. When a user opens a project, the first category shown in the project space is the 'Overview' header section. That shows the latest items for different project related information. The Projects category lists projects in the system. Depending on the access rights the user can see all the projects or only a part of them.

  1. When a user opens the Projects category, the list view of projects is shown. You can filter the projects by using the filters in the filter section.
  2. Each row lists a projects with links to different modules. Click on a project’s name the project space for opening the project.
  3. Export projects listed in the view to MS Excel by clicking on the "Export to MS Excel" link in the tools section.
  4. Open the form view for editing the project by clicking on the "Edit project" link.
  5. To update the project from a file exported from MS project, click on the "Update project from MS Project" link in the tools section. A form will open where you can select the file and update the project.
  6. View the summary view as a PDF by clicking on the "view PDF" link in the tools section.
One of the most important improved functions is the searching of all list views (Accounts, Projects, Requests, and others). The search text box has been lifted to the top left position of the list view. See Easy access with Search in PlanMill 14.0 Release Notes


  • Project information: Lists the common fields for the project.
  • Billing information: If the project is connected to a contact, the billing information for the project is shown here.
  • Indicators: Lists budgeted, forecasted, actual and invoiced revenues and costs for the project.
  • Settings: A project has project specific settings, the settings are listed here.
  • Latest time reports: Lists the latest time reports for the project. View all time reports for the project on the Hours-tab.
  • Latest expenses: Lists the latest expenses for the project. View all expenses for the project on 'Expenses'.
  • Latest purchases: Lists the latest purchases for the project. View all purchases for the project on 'Purchases'.
  • Latest upcoming revenues: Lists the latest upcoming revenues for the project that are not yet invoiced. View all revenues for the project on 'Revenues'.
  • Latest invoiced items: Lists the latest invoiced revenues for the project. View all revenues for the project on 'Revenues'.
  • Latest documents: Lists the latest documents related to the project.
  • Latest messages: Lists the lastest messages for the project. View all messages for the project on 'Messages'.
  • Latest action: Lists the latest actions for the project. View all actions for the the project on 'Actions'.
  • Latest requests: Lists the latest requests for the project. View all requests for the the project can be viewed on 'Requests'.
  • Latest opportunities: Lists the latest opportunities for the project. View all opportunities for the the project on the 'Opportunities'.
  • Project goals: The free text field for describing the project in detail.
  • Change history: Lists history for the project based on status, start, finish and name.

Form view

  1. The form view for projects contains four sub tabs: Project information, Budget, Settings and Email notification.
  2. Save the project by clicking on the "Save" link.

Default fields

  • Name: The name of the project.
  • Project ID: An automatically generated ID for each project.
  • Project type: Defines if the project is normal project or a template. Template projects can be used as a basis for new projects.
  • Billing type: If the project is billable, set this field the billing type ("Fixed" or "Time based"). For non-billable projects, set this field to "Non-billable".
  • Status: The status of the project, e.g. In execution or archived.
  • Portfolio: Each project must belong to a portfolio.
  • Related to contact / account: A billable project must be related to a contact.
  • Reference / PO-number: Field for entering the project specific default invoice reference or PO-number
  • Project goals: A free text field for describing the project's goals in detail.
  • Budgeted revenue: The budgeted revenue for the project.
  • Budgeted cost: The budgeted cost for the project.
  • Budgeted effort: The budgeted effort for the project.
  • Budgeted expense: The budgeted revenue for the project.
  • Budgeted purchase: The budgeted purchase for the project.
  • Automatically accept time reports: If set to "Yes", the time reports for the project will be automatically accepted in an interval, as default every night.
  • Require comment for reported hours: Defines if project time reports must contain comments. Select the "For all billable tasks" option, if comments only are required for billable tasks.
  • Set request performer(s) as team member(s): Defines if request performers automatically should be added as team members to the project.
  • Allow new tasks and assignments for all users: Defines if users that aren't part of the project's team can create new tasks and assignments in the time sheet or in the work scheduler for the project.


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