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PlanMill REST API (application programming interface) is a commercial add-on related to PlanMill CRM, PlanMill PROJECT and PlanMill ERP. REST API enables information exchange between various business applications and PlanMill. The interface includes some restrictions on other parties interested in developing PlanMill-compatible interfaces. There may be extra fees for consulting services.

How to get started with PlanMill REST API 1.5?

Read the API documentation (this link will also work with the url of your own PlanMill instance instead of “pmtrial”): https://online.planmill.com/pmtrial/schemas/v1_5/index.html.

If you are completely new in using any version of PlanMill API, you need to contact us to get the API key

Note: If you have used PlanMill API 1.0, you will not need to contact us to register for API keys. You can generate them yourself following the instructions in the documentation about “Authentication example”.

If interested to see also what we are working on right now, you can take a peak in here. Click on the “RAML console” -link: http://api-portal.anypoint.mulesoft.com/planmill/api/planmill-rest-api-15/docs/getting-started.


PlanMill REST API 1.5 is not a public API but intended for our customers and partners. You have to be a PlanMill subscriber or have access to your customer’s / partner’s PlanMill to be able to use the API.

We have several millions of requests coming in daily with API 1.0, and we expect traffic is going to explode with the API 1.5. 
To keep all our customers happy and performance of the service in check, we need to introduce some incentives and limitations to encourage smart usage and prevent massive traffic peaks.

API 1.5 is open for usage free of charge at least until April 1st, 2015. We are going to introduce a rate based pricing during 2015. Development and small daily integration usage is going to remain free of charge (i.e. included in the user subscription).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about migrating to PlanMill API 1.5 from 1.0

How long will the old API 1.0 be available?

We stop any new users registering API 1.0 keys by the end of 01/2016. This means that any new users using the API 1.0 with their own API keys will not be able to use any current 1.0 integration using their own keys.

We will allow existing users to use the existing endpoints until end of March 2016 but we will not do any bug fixes, updates or additional features to 1.0 after 1.1.2016

Is it possible to keep the old API running only for the our instance?

Not after end of March 2016.

In the API 1.5 I haven't seen functions to work with expenses or invoices. We should also be able to download the attached or generated pdf. Is this functionality coming later?

Expense and Invoice related API 1.5 endpoints are under implementation but should be ready by 01/2016. We intend to provide the still missing endpoints to the documentation (even if they are not yet implemented to production) by end of November 2015 so you can start planning your implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PlanMill API 1.0

Find Open API documentation here: https://online.planmill.com/pmtrial/api/apidoc.html  (replace "pmtrial" with your instance name, requires login to the instance)

Other API 1.0 questions:

More technology information


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