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PlanMill Mobile - touch optimized web-based apps for Smartphones & Tablets

PlanMill Mobile, designed for mobile browsers, is an add-on for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA and ERP. Mobilize your workforce with PlanMill Mobile on the latest iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone based touch devices. All you need is a good screen size (3,5" or higher), mobile browser, Internet connection (3G/4G or Wi-Fi/WLAN) and the latest version of PlanMill Mobile (R14.4 or higher).

PlanMill Mobile is hassle free. No need to download an app from any app store. Just visit your PlanMill site on your phone's browser, and you're good to go (click image to view).

PlanMill Mobile is renamed from PlanMill Touch.

Key features - New!

Create, edit, and view with PlanMill Mobile user interface the following modules/ features
  • Actions
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Requests
  • Projects (Overview page/view only)
  • Time reports


Click on the pictures below to view the new PlanMill Mobile UI (left-right): 

Contact summary view, Contact list view, Home, Accounts list, Opportunity list (All open), Requests list, New time form, and My time list.

Contact summary

Contact list view


Accounts list

Opportunity list

Requests list

New time form

My time list

Well-designed for small screens

The entire PlanMill Mobile interface is designed for small screens. It’s easy to read, easy to tap, and fine-tuned for speed. Customer service can be 90-100% mobile with this add-on (requests, contacts and time reporting).

Choose the browser based Desktop version, if using full features of PlanMill with a bigger Touch device like iPad. Try out the new PlanMill Mobile user experience without having a real mobile device.


Your business on the move is a primary concern to keep with increasing competition. Become more customer centric and increase the chance of winning accounts on the road, increase productivity, and company revenue.
  • Perform most of the daily activities with PlanMill Mobile and double your performance for sales growth. Keep your sales or service people on the loop and in touch with each other.
  • Enhance communication flow, enable fast decision-making and customer response by giving your field professionals the same information available from your headquarters.
  • Call in your touch phone, send email, chat in Skype or send text messages to prospects, customers and colleagues.
  • Do tasks: take notes, make to-do lists, plan phone calls, meetings etc., register new leads with opportunities.
  • Maintain contact information of persons and companies (Accounts).
  • View sales requests and customer profitability and project activities (on project overview page).


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