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PlanMill Mobile - touch optimized web-based apps for Smartphones & Tablets 

PlanMill Mobile allows you to create, edit and update system information. It is designed for use on your mobile browsers as an add-on for PlanMill Sales & Marketing, PROJECT, PSA and ERP. 

How to use PlanMill Mobile - Quick Guide

You need a web-enabled mobile device to access PlanMill Mobile. Type your company PlanMill site address to web-browser and sign in. Note: use the same user name & password as Desktop. Now, you are ready to use your PlanMill Mobile.

Here's some of the key actions in PlanMill Mobile:

Actions Icons
1. Start at Home and navigate similarly as in desktop version.
2. To create, edit, view a contact form, click on the Contacts
3. To create Actions, Accounts Contacts, Opportunities, My Requests / Tickets, Projects, and Timesheets, click New.
4. To call a contact, click the phone icon.
5. To send SMS, click the chat icon.
6. To send email notification, click the email icon.
7. To view address of your contacts in Google maps, click the icon beside address. 
8. To use Skype, SMS, email, or LinkedIn, click for example on Communications button.
  • To expand to view Actions, Accounts Contacts, Opportunities, My Requests / Tickets, All Requests / Tickets, Projects overview, and Timesheets, click plus (+) icon. 
  • To minimize, click on the minus (-) icon.
9. To search information within the PlanMill system, type in the Global Search field.
10. To edit Actions, Accounts Contacts, Opportunities, click Edit.
11.  Delete Actions, Accounts Contacts, Opportunities, etc. To remove, click Delete.
12. To download the vCard of Contact, click  vCard.

Key features of PlanMill Mobile

Create, edit, and view with PlanMill Mobile Pro user interface the following modules/ features
  • Actions
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Requests
  • Projects (Overview page/view only)
  • Time reports

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