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PlanMill user interface consists of different sections used for navigation.

Key features

1. Top  

  • The top left part contains information about the selected module.
  • Click on the arrow beside your name in the right corner to open My page, Feedback, Help or to sign out.
    My page: Modify your own settings and contact details here. E.g. language, mail signature and group tabs.
    Feedback: Send feedback or new ideas to the PlanMill team here. This is an open forum where all PlanMill users can see, rate and comment on the suggestions.
    Help: Search our Wiki-sites for answers to your questions.
    Sign out: Click here to exit PlanMill. Closing your browser without clicking "Sign out" is not recommended for security reasons.
  • The global search searches all the items in the system. Enter the keyword to search for and press the magnifying glass.Search searches only from subjects and metadata, not attachments or description fields. Search does not cover customized fields, if needed contact support.

2. Path

  • Shows which page user has open and the steps that lead to the page.
  • “My workspace” link will always lead the user back to the front page

3. Tabs and Group tabs

  • The links in the tab section lead to different modules in the system, e.g. Accounts page will open with all the accounts listed.
  • If there are more modules available but not all visible, click on the ">>" symbol to show more links.
  • Group tabs sort the modules under broader headlines. This makes navigation easier for users with many modules, see:  User setting - Enable group tabs

4. Tools

  • The "Create new" button in "My workspace" is a shortcut to create new items.
  • Click on the arrow to create new Sales orders, Opportunities, Absences etc.

5. Frames

  • You can customize your workspace view. Choose among different frames by clicking on the Personalize button in My workspace.


Other features

  • The "Start timer" button is only visible if "Timer" module is activated.

  • If PlanMill needs to inform about important matters, you see the message to the left of the Timer button.
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