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Touch optimized web-based apps for Smartphones & Tablets

PlanMill Mobile Pro allows you to create, edit and update basic CRM, request and time related information.It is designed for use on your mobile browsers as an add-on for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA and ERP.  Send your 30-day FREE trial request to trial@planmill.com.


PlanMill Mobile Pro is an add-on to PlanMill CRM, PROJECT and ERP. There may be differences in functionality based on your smartphone and/or mobile device and your operating system. A paid PlanMill Mobile Pro subscription is required to edit and update system information. Supported devices: Android (4+), iPhone (iOS 7+), iPad (iOS 7+) & Windows Phone (8.1+).

Order your PlanMill Mobile Pro subscription from sales@planmill.com.

Key features

Create, edit, and view with PlanMill Mobile Pro user interface the following modules/ features
  • Actions
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Requests
  • Projects (Overview page/view only)
  • Time reports


PlanMill Mobile 1-2-3 Learn the Basics!

Manage Accounts and Contacts with PlanMill Mobile

Edit and View Actions with PlanMill Mobile

Track time on the road with PlanMill Mobile


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