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Exporting data from PlanMill with MS Excel Web Query is available from all reports. Web query is usefull, if you want your data to be automatically updated in your excel for example for monthly or weekly reporting. You can use formulas in your Excel to calculate using PlanMill data and update your data when needed.

  1. Click open the report which you want to use
  2. Select the correct filter values
  3. Check that you have valid data as result
  4. Click the Export -tool and select "Export to Excel Web Query"
  5. A pop up- window opens where you can copy the web query url
  6. Create formulas to another sheet in the the same Excel work book or create a pivot table. Use the sheet with the PlanMill data as source.
  7. Save Excel
  8. Next time you open the Excel, you will see the data updated from PlanMill. If you want to refresh the data, choose "Refresh all" in the Excel "Data" toolbar.

For full instructions from Microsoft see http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/get-and-analyze-data-from-the-web-in-excel-HA001054848.aspx


  1. Link is not returning correct amount of rows or correct rows: check your filters and copy the link again.
  2. Data is not returned in the correct format (numbers are handled as text etc.): contact PlanMill support.

You can copy paste the web query url as a normal url to your browser's address bar and see what the link returns


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