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Work schedules is for resource planning. It shows data according to planned and remaining hours allocated to projects and also tasks and assignments (performers of the tasks).

To get data shown in Work schedules through PlanMill REST API use method "forecast.get week"

Example query:

https://online.planmill.com/yourinstance/services/rest?method=forecast.get week&format=rest&userid=1234&authkey=abcesdaerag&

Remember to set filter values for the query. You will only get the data which is shown to you in the user interface. I.e. if your user account has "My active tasks" selected in the Work schedules view, you will only see your active tasks. It shows no tasks, if your API -user doesn't have any assignments.

Example results:

  <FIELD Name="Id">1516</FIELD>
  <FIELD Name="project_id">473</FIELD>
  <FIELD Name="person_id"/>
  <FIELD Name="task_id">474</FIELD>
  <FIELD Name="request_id"/>
  <FIELD Name="days">
    <day date="04.03.2013" planned_work="0,47" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
    <day date="11.03.2013" planned_work="0,47" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
    <day date="18.03.2013" planned_work="0,47" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
    <day date="25.03.2013" planned_work="0,37" daily_work_hours="108000000"/>
    <day date="01.04.2013" planned_work="0,37" daily_work_hours="108000000"/>
    <day date="08.04.2013" planned_work="0,47" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
    <day date="15.04.2013" planned_work="0,47" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
    <day date="22.04.2013" planned_work="0,37" daily_work_hours="135000000"/>
   <FIELD Name="forecast_start_date">20.04.2010</FIELD>
   <FIELD Name="forecast_end_date">25.04.2013</FIELD>
0,47 h0,47 h0,47 h0,37 h0,37 h0,47 h0,47 h0,37 h0,00 h0,00 h0,00 h0,00 h0,00 h0,00 h
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