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The PlanMill Multi-Currency is an add-on for the PlanMill ERP. The PlanMill Multi-Currency add-on allows you to invoice customers in other currencies than your home currency. To invoice customers in a foreign currency you need to add it in PlanMill.

The following steps tell how you do it. First check that you see the Currencies tab in  the Administration module. If you don't have access to it contact your company's Power user or support@planmill.com

  1. Go to Administration > Currencies
  2. Click "New currency"
  3. If you want to use a specific currency symbol with the currency like € enter the symbol. If you don't want to have a symbol, enter the 3 letter ISO code like EUR in the Symbol field.
  4. Select the ISO -currency code for the currency in the list.
  5. Enter the format for the currency. Place your pointer on the info-mark to learn more about how the separators work. The Format field defines how to view amounts in this currency.
  6. Leave Default = "No". Select Default = "Yes" only if you want this to be the default currency in PlanMill. The default currency is the currency which all other currencies are rated against.
  7. Save
Do not change the default currency once there are real sales orders, invoices etc. It will make the system show all invoices and sales orders wrong. If you need to change your default currency contact support@planmill.com.

How to define the rating

There are two ways of updating the rates for the foreign currencies. Automatic or manual. All foreign exchange rates are updated the same way.


The Power user with access rights to Currencies enters the new exchange rate. After the change the Power user needs to run the two jobs in Administration > Jobs

  • Custom, Update currency input values
  • Billing rules, normal


Every night the system updates the exchange rate according to the European Central Bank. The new rate is the closing rate of the previous working day.

You can not use automatic rating if:

  • Euro is not your default currency
  • Your company has several subsidiaries with different accounting currencies.
When you update the exchange rates by hand, set as date the first day of the month. Do not create invoices for a period before you have added the rate for that period. You can only have one exchange rate per invoicing period.

In which currencies can I invoice?

The "Language & currency" list in the Sales Order form shows all available currencies. If you don't find the currency in the list contact support@planmill.com.

The list is standard and also shows currencies that you can't use. You can only use the currencies you have defined in Administration > Currencies.


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