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Comparison of different export methods

Export method
Guide page
Typical work estimate (billable work needed from PlanMill)
Selectable data columns (for each time of exporting)
Specific order and format of columns
Export file formats
Automation for exporting file (scheduled export)
Automation for transferring file
Requires programming skills from customer
"Export to Excel" -tool in any normal list view
[How to export Contacts, Accounts, and other data from PlanMill to MS Excel?]
0 h for existing columns

0,5 - 1 h for additional columns.
Depends on users settings
Not from customer
No long text fields (descriptions or internal comments)
Exports work similarely to list views. Also possibility to use "Export" -filter to choose the level of detail to be exported (only main level information or every row)
0 h for existing report

Typically 2-3 h for changes to existing report (adding new column or changing order of columns)

Typically 5-20 h to create a new report
Excel, CSV

XML format not usually suitable for data exports
Not from customer
One time only mass export
If you need to get data to your new system from PlanMill 1-time only and no ready made export methods are exactly what you need
Provide us with specification of the export you need to have (at least the columns, lenght of data in each column and format of data). We will give you a quote.

Typically Accounts (or some other module to be exported with 10-20 typical related columns to text file with out any specific requirements is 1-3 hours of billable work per module.
You can specify columns to be exported, even long text fields
CSV (specify delimiter to be used between columns) No (if you need it again, you need to request us to do it)
We will send you the file by email
Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks of ordering and providing needed specification.
Finance Connectors (accounts = customer data and invoices)
Ready made finance connectors are suitable for exporting accounts and invoices to a specific financial system. [HELPENArchive:PlanMill Finance Connectors]
Fixed setup fee and monthly fee. Ask for a quote.

If your financial system is not on the list and you need a new integration, it's typically 40-60 h of billable work unless Finvoice -file format can be applied and you purchase [E-invoicing] service from us.
CSV or XML. Depends on financial system's capabilities and integration interface. Yes
Yes, but level of automation depends on financial system and customer's infrastructure
Not for existing finance connectors.

Not for new connector if system provider has integration interface

PlanMill OpenAPI
[PlanMill API]
Check pricing conditions from your company's PlanMill agreement or order confirmation.
Integrator -export
For frequent exporting automatically or manually in specific format
Needs environment which can be used for testing and has connections open enough for all parties involved to develop and debug the integrations
Customized integrator exports are typically 20-60 hours of billable work
Yes, possible by calling customers / 3rd parties web service or using SFTP
May require coding skills if customer's other system doesn't have a ready-made import interface.
Requires IT infrastructure check on customer's side: which transfer methods are available to setup on customer's servers.

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