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An expense is a report that includes detailed info of the personal expenses spent on a certain topic (such as a business trip). Each expense report is linked to a project and date. An expense consists of one or more expense items. In the expense sheet, a user can add and edit individual expenses.


A summary of standard expense related workflows as follows:

  • Workflow I: Reported > Accepted (Manager or Project manager) > Paid (Finance or Payroll)
  • Workflow II: Reported > Inspected > Accepted (Manager or Project manager) > Paid (Finance or Payroll)
Custom workflows
Customized workflows can be implemented case by case basis. Additional fees apply. More information: support@planmil.com.

List view

When a user opens the expense sheet, the list view of expenses is shown. Sheet shows the current year's expenses by default. You may also apply your own filters.

If the expense is editable, you may click on the edit icon to open the form for editing the expense. Clicking on an expense's name opens the specified expense summary view. The Project column links to the project which the expense belongs to.

To create a new expense click on the "New expense" link in the tools section. To delete one or more expenses, select the check boxes and click on "Delete selected" in the tools section.

Summary view

You can open an expense summary view by clicking on an expense name in the list view. Opening can be done also after saving an expense in the form view. In the summary view all the details of expense and any expense items are visible.

To view the previous expense's summary in date order, click the '<' ("Next") button. To view the next expense, choose '>' ("Previous") button in the tools section.

You can export the summary view as a PDF by clicking on the "Export" icon button in the tools section.

Summary view categories
Category name
Expense information
Lists the common fields for the expense.
Currency will be handled and reimbursed to the person reporting the expense.
The free text field for describing the expense in detail.
Lists the uploaded attachments for the expense.
Expense items
Lists the expense items for the expense. If the expense item is not accepted and / or in invoicing you may click the 'Edit' or 'Delete' icons. To add a new expense item, click on the "New expense item" link in the tools section.
Original column shows the amount of expense with foreign currency.
Lists the total sums for the expense.
Change history
Lists history for the expense based on its status.
Useful links for editing and viewing expenses are listed here.

Creating and Editing expenses - Form view

Choosing 'New expense'  opens the expense form comprised of the fields described below.

More detailed guide on entering expense items: Expense items and foreign currencies

Expense fields
Field name
The name of the expense.
The project the expense is bind to.
The task in the selected project that the expense is bind to.
The status of the expense.
The general type of the expense.
Billable status
The billable status of the expense. Billable expenses will be picked up to revenues.
This is inherited from your user currency and shows the currency in which you will be reimbursed
A free text field for describing the expense in detail.
Expense item fields
Field name
The start date (and optional time) of the expense item.  This is a required field and toda'ys date is entered by default
The finish date and time of the expense item.  (Optional)
The specific type of the expense item.
Unit cost
The unit cost of the expense item. 
Multiplies the unit cost for the total displayed in the summary.
The unit of the expense item, e.g. hour or pcs. (May be left empty')
Defines how the expense item was paid.
Exchange rate
Only required, if the expense item currency is different to the expense currency.
A free text field for describing the expense item in detail.


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expense expense Delete
erp erp Delete
psa psa Delete
project project Delete
workflow workflow Delete
inspector inspector Delete
acceptor acceptor Delete
inspected inspected Delete
accepted accepted Delete
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