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Email Capture - convert emails to Actions & Requests

PlanMill Email Capture (Incoming), a commercial add-on for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA & ERP. It enables organizations to capture emails automatically from any source, whether internal or from outside. Currently emails can be captured automatically to Actions and Requests (tickets) modules. 

Automatic conversion of new emails to requests/ tickets  

A summary of typical email sources as follows:

  • bug@example.com
  • feedback@example.com
  • info@example.com
  • sales@example.com
  • support@example.com
  • trial@example.com

Key features

  • E-mail to create a new service request (Request/Ticket) or operation (Action).
  • Connect E-mail to an existing service request or measure title or ID (if title only used, then sender needs to be from same email domain than the company where the request is related to).
  • PlanMill reads Views about every 5 minutes (minimum), depending on the agreed options.
  • Comprehensive help for various email channels such as sales, support, feedback and contact forms.
  • Auto creation of requests (tickets) based on received emails.
  • Auto capture of Account & Contact related information.
  • Auto filling of fields based on parameterization for email channels.
  • Automatic adding of attachments to requests.
  • Support for automatic reply to Sender with relevant ID number.
  • Support for capturing replies to requests based on ID number.
  • Support for secure IMAP.
  • Default project(s) are defined in advance for email capture incoming emails.
  • View sent solution in Emails category.
  • Flickering envelopes show new incoming email(s).
  • Email column shows the quantity of emails.
  • Every request gets an identity number.
  • View all messages with everyone to share and assign to selected persons or teams for action.
  • Use email contacts for sending/forwarding emails to external/internal contacts.


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