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This Purchases Import can be used to import any purchases from third party systems into projects to be invoiced from PlanMill onward. PlanMill Import (self-service) monthly fee covers a usage of Default Purchases import. Import is based on a text file with data in columns separated by csv, comma or tabular data. Import template for purchases is defined by PlanMill and it can be previewed in advance via import tool.

Purchase is mapped to project based on project internal ID. Purchase can be mapped also directly to task based on task name.

NOTE: Sums of planned and actual costs: use point  as separator


  • Project name
  • Project operational id (shown with project name in UI)
  • Project ID (required)
  • Project id (required)
  • task name (needed if purchase is wanted to target to the task)
  • purchase name (required -  is shown in the invoice row)
  • purchase date (required)
  • billable status (required)
  • status (required)
  • planned cost
  • actual cost (required - is shown in the invoice row. Please use point (.) as separator)
  • type (required)
  • account name of purchase
  • description


After receiving confirmation from support to your order and receiving access to import follow the instructions How to use Imports UI version 2

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