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How do I easily create invoices and record hours against the customer order when they have accepted the offer?
To make time reports or expenses for invoicing as well as creating simple fixed amount invoices, you will need a relevant project related to the Sales order.  
If a relevant project does not exist for this Sales Order, a new project can be easily created from the Sales order. Use project creation wizard as a help.

When the status of the Sales order is changed to 'Ordered' or 'Confirmed' and there is no project selected in the Related to > 'Project' field, a dialog opens to offer the option of creating a new project.  

How to create project & tasks via Sales Order

To create projects and tasks directly from Sales Order:

  1. Go to CRM => Sales orders => Edit.
  2. Change Status to 'Ordered' or 'Confirmed'.
  3. Click 'Save'.
  4. Message-box asks: 'Do you want to create a project?'
  5. Click 'Yes' (Note: If you do not have enough Access rights to create new project contact PlanMill customer care at support@planmill.com )
  6. Project creation wizard appears with basic information collected from Sales Order and tasks created from order items whereby unit is referring to time such as  h, days, wk, month, h/month and days/month  (which can be altered as needed).
  7. Check and edit as appropriate the details of Project:
    a. Check Billing Type is correct - Time-based, Fixed or Non-billable
    b. Add team members by starting to type their first or last names (and then click auto-suggestions)
    c. Check tasks and delete any unnecessary ones
    d. Settings: check specifically 'Auto-accept time reports', 'Require comments for time reports' and 'Auto-assign new team members' according to your company policy.
  8. Click 'Create Project and Save Sales order'
  9. You will be returned to the summary page for the Sales order.
    Selecting a Template will inherit the template tasks (which are not editable in the wizard) and remove any Sales order based tasks.

    Cancelling the project creation will mean that the Sales order still requires a project related to it before any revenues can be created (and hence bill the customer). To rectify this later return to edit the Sales order and add an existing project or simply click 'Save' to enter the create project wizard again.

Benefits for Sales persons and Project managers

  • Creating a project based on the Sales Order enables users to report their time and expenses to a project for invoicing as fast as possible.
  • Making ready the project default settings and tasks from template means a salesperson need not select and create them again.
  • When a salesperson creates tasks based on the order items from the Sales Order, there is no need to write the same things again to avoid mistakes in billing types, dates, and so on.
  • Creating a project team and assign users to all tasks created from Sales Order automatically enables continuous sale of services and starting them quickly.
  • Keeping order item information and task information in sync when changing order items. In that way, a salesperson does not worry about changing order items and tasks separately.


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