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Capacity calendars refer to work capacity calendars. Check the work capacity calendars before creating users, because you need to assign correct calendar to users. You need to have own work capacity calendars for all countries, as well as own calendars for part-time users.

Create calendars

  1. Create country-specific calendars.
  2. Remember to check the public holidays of each country-specific calendar. Mark them as 0-capacity days. All public holidays must have a description.
  3. Copy calendars to part-time users from country-specific calendars.
  4. Remember to check the special capacity days of part-time users. Select the correct amount of working days and hours for them. If you edit capacity manually for part-time users, do not add any description to those days. If they have a description, they are considered public holidays in the PlanMill Absence.

Create a capacity calendar

Create and maintain capacity calendars in HRM > Capacity.

  1. Select "New calendar".
  2. Name the calendar using country, year and full/part time information in the name.
  3. Select type and country.
  4. Daily work time, work days and start and finish dates are important details, which influence the reports and planning in PlanMill.
  5. Use "Import capacity data" to copy for example national holidays from another calendar.

Import capacity data from another calendar

  1. Open a calendar (do not edit)
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and copy to clipboard the "Public holiday listing"
  3. Copy the listing to this text area: 01.01.2007:New Year's Eve; 06.04.2007:2. Pääsiäispäivä; 09.04.2007:2.pääsiäspäivä; 01.05.2007:Vappu; 17.05.2007:Helatorstai; 22.06.2007:Midsummer's Eve; 06.12.2007:Independence Day; 24.12.2007:Christmas; 25.12.2007:Joulupäivä; 26.12.2007:Tapaninpäivä; 01.01.2008:New Year's Eve; 21.03.2008:Pääsiäinen; 24.03.2008:Pääsiäinen; 09.04.2008:x-mas; 01.05.2008:Vappu; 24.12.2008:Joulu; 25.12.2008:x-mas; 26.12.2008:x-mas
  4. Save changes.
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