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An account is a firm or company. Contacts (and users) belong to accounts. Accounts are typically companies that are potential customers (prospects), suppliers, partners or existing customers.

Viewing and editing an account
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Key features

Form view

The form view for accounts contains four categories: Account information, Billing information, Other information, Attachments, Email notification, Restricted access (only for Power users) and Settings (only for Power users).

  1. Save the account by clicking on the "Save" link.
  2. The "Save as new" link saves the account as a new item. That is practical for using an existing account as a base for a new account.

Customer accounts: fill in Account information

  • if invoicing through PlanMill also Billing information
  • if e-invoicing Settings -category e-invoice information.

My company accounts: fill in Account information and Settings (if invoicing through PlanMill)

List view

View number of active contacts within Accounts list view
You can show the total number of active contacts within the Accounts list view. This enables you to see at one glance how many business contacts are available for a particular account.

When a user opens the accounts tab, he sees the list view of accounts. User can filter the accounts by using the filters in the filter section. Each row lists an account with links to different modules.

  1. Open the specific account by clicking on the "(edit)" the form for editing.
  2. Clicking on the "Subject" opens the specific account's summary. That shows more detailed information about the account. 
  3. Set accounts* inactive or active* by checking one or more accounts’ check boxes and then clicking on “Set active” or “Set inactive”.
  4. To delete one or more account, check their check boxes and click on “Delete selected” in the tools section. Deleting accounts requires separate access right. If any activity is related to account it's not allowed to delete the account.
  5. Create a new account by clicking on the "New account" link in the tools section.
  6. Export accounts listed in the view to MS Excel by clicking on the "Export to MS Excel" icon in the tools section.

Summary view

Open an account's summary view by clicking on an account's "Name" in the list view or when saving an account in the form view.

  1. See in the summary view more detailed information about a single account. Open the account for editing in the form view by clicking on the "Edit account" link.
  2. Links for creating other items are in the "tools section". Values from the account are inherited to the new item.
  3. View the summary view as a PDF by clicking on the "view PDF" link in the tools section.

Account owner

Every Account has an account owner as required. All contacts related to the Account have this user as contact owner also. Contact owner is not allowed to change separately but changing the account owner changes also the contact owner. See all the account invoicing as sales of the account owner as default in invoicing reports.


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