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Accepting time reports is needed for:

  • Updating project's resource forecasts
  • Preventing users from editing time reports

Acceptance does not effect:

  • Invoicing - also time reports in reported status will be collected for invoicing
  • Users time balance

Acceptance can be done by

  • project managers
  • superiors
  • users with editing rights
  • automatic every night. You can change this to every week or some other period. See individual project's Overview > Settings for automatic acceptance

Only project managers and project editors can open (= undo acceptance) accepted time reports.

Accepting time reports

There are two ways to accept time reports.

Accept time reports for just one project in the Projects module

  • Projects > choose right project > Hours

Tick the box for the time reports you want to accept and click on the Accept selected button.

Accept time reports for several projects at once using the Reports module

  • CRM > Reports > Update reports > Time report acceptance

Choose the projects you want to handle using the filters. Tick the box for the time reports you want to accept and click on the Accept selected button. The report shows all time reports for the users until they have been manually or automatically accepted.

Undo acceptance of time reports

Do as described in "Accepting time reports" above but click on the "Undo acceptance of selected" button. Only project managers and project editors can undo acceptance for accepted time reports.

Editing time reports can be done by

  • the user who reported the hours. Edit the time report in Time sheet or Time list if time reports are not already accepted.
  • other users with the so-called "secretary rights". Users with Secretary rights have a filter in the Time sheet or Time list for selecting which user's time reports they want to view. If time reports are already accepted, acceptance must be undone first.
  • users who have edit rights to project space's Hours-tab. Here, the person can edit the invoice comment and billable hours only. These do not affect user's time balance, only what amounts will be invoiced.

Editing time reports of "time based" or "fixed" tasks:

There might be a need to move a user's reported time for a task to another task. You can do the change in Projects > Time list or in the Hours tab of the project. Note that you can only change time reports with the status "reported". Remember that the billing type depends on the task. For example:

  1. The user reports hours to a time-based task in Projects > Time. (For example "Design" task).
  2. A time report with status "reported" and billing type "billing" is created. You see it in Projects > Time list.
  3. The user edits the generated time report in Projects > Time list  and changes the task to another. (For example "Implementation" task).
  4. Note that the billing type of time report changes to "non-billable"
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