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PlanMill Absence is a commercial add-on that helps organizations keep track of staff vacations. That includes automating absence request and acceptance. It enables

  1. employees and management to plan for work absences
  2. to automatically generate work schedules and time reports
  3. to manage annual holiday calculation.
PlanMill Absence is available as an add-on or as a stand-alone product. More information: sales@planmil.com.

Main benefits

  • Keep track of staff vacations and save corporate costs
  • Solve issues of absence management, improves workflow, and reduces operational costs of organizations
  • Enables efficient management of vacations and leaves, eliminates expensive needless paperwork
  • Reduces the extra costs of human resources management from the company's perspective.

Key features

  • Automate request and acceptance of absences
  • Plan for future absences
  • Generate work schedules and time reports automatically
  • Calculate the amount of time lost to absence in organisations
  • Import and export data with HR systems
  • Shows automatically how much annual holiday is left 
    • Finnish annual holiday law by default
    • also available Estonian, Brazilian and Swiss and easily adaptable to others


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