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There are nine possible absence status in PlanMill. Managers or HR users can view status for absences for every company employee in Summary or List views.

You can reject the absences at different stages of the approval chain. Current status of the absence affects to the actions of rejection and removal. It affects also to that who can do such actions.


For annual leave of absence
Incorrect absence request must be removed completely.

Here is a description of what every user (employee, manager, HRM) needs to do at each absence stage. You can find out also what features are available for each role.



Employee can edit and delete "Preliminary" absences freely. Preliminary absences can not be accepted. User can see Preliminary absences in Work schedules tab. 

Ready for acceptance

In "Ready for acceptance" status, an e-mail notification of absence is sent as a notice for the Acceptor. The acceptor is usually the line manager or supervisor of the person requesting the absence.All users who have been set as supervisors are listed in the "Acceptor" -field. Default is user's on supervisor. The acceptor can either approve or reject the absence notification. The employee can still edit the absence in the "Ready for approval" status.


For Accepted status where time indicated is in the future date or has not yet started, the Acceptor can edit the status to "Rejected ". The employee can not edit the status at all. The supervisor can change an accepted absence to the status "Rejected " and save the change. After that user can edit the absence again.


The ongoing status means that the absence has started (i.e. the start date has been reached but finish date not yet). Status will change automatically to Completed when the finish date is reached.


In "Completed" status, the absence can be " Interrupted " or removed using the interruption process.


Absence interrupted occurs when part of the period of absence is valid and the rest of the absence is rejected. In this case, user can see absence period as well as "Interruption Date". For example, an employee's annual leave is interrupted when the company invites the person back to work.

User can interrupt Absence while it is "Ongoing" or already "Completed". User can see Interruption date and calculated according to the length of absence.

Employee, supervisor or user with HR rights can cancel Ongoing or Completed absences. User does it by changing the status as "Interrupted."

If you want to remove the whole absence, leave the "interruption date" field empty. In case you only want to remove part of the absence, enter the last absence day as the interruption date.

Notification of interrupted absence is sent to supervisor and all HR-users.

The HR user can update absence to "Interruption accepted" straight without having to update first to 'Interrupted' or 'Completed'. No notification during this process.

Interruption accepted

Users with the HR rights can change the absence status to  "Interruption accepted." Then the system will automatically update the status as "Cancelled". An automatic email notification of absence comes to all users who have HR rights. That is because someone has to accept the interruption before it is cancelled.

When HR handles and completes the absence procedure, reported hours will be updated correctly. User change the status "Interrupted" to "Interruption accepted ".

"Interruption accepted" absence status is updated automatically by the system to the "Cancelled".

The employee can remove the cancelled absence by clicking the toolbar button "Delete selected". The supervisor can also perform the task on behalf of the employee.


When the superior rejects a particular absence, the employee receives an e-mail notification.

The employee can change the status of Rejected absence by clicking the edit icon, change the status to " Preliminary " and save. After saving the changes, user can edit the absence as normal. You can edit Status, Acceptor, Absence type, Start and Finish dates. Dates can not overlap in any of the existing absence. The system will inform overlapping absences.

User can't delete the absence in Rejected status in the list view.

To remove a "Rejected" absence, the absence must edit and changed to "Preliminary". User can remove the absence from the list view.


The absence in Cancelled status in annual holiday removes the canceled holidays. User can remove the absence from the system.

Employee or supervisor can do the removal.  User can delete the absence in "Cancelled" status in list view. The employee can select the absence and click " Delete selected " button the in toolbar.

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